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Givkind socks for Christmas gift 2019

The very beginning of the holiday season is when everyone starts thinking about Christmas gift ideas for significant others, friends, and family. A good place to start thinking about Christmas gifts is starting small and thinking about stocking stuffer ideas that require less planning (and of course, less money) than buying someone a larger gift. In this blog, we’ll mention some easy and relatively inexpensive stocking stuffers that you can buy online to make the gift-giving season process much easier.

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Her 

Christmas Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Givkind kind socks


Wondering what to get a good Christmas gift for your girlfriend? Socks are one of the most popular gifts that you can give to someone in their stocking stuffers. GivKind makes socks comfy socks that have playful patterns and can be given as a Christmas gift to your girlfriend so her toes can stay cozy! A bonus with these socks is that for every sock you purchase, you provide a nutritious meal to a child in need. GivKind's mission is to make sure no child goes hungry during the holidays.

Christmas Gifts for Your Mom 

Pop socket with iPhone

Popsockets are the perfect Christmas gift as a stocking stuffer for your mom or aunt as an easy way to hold their phone. All they need to do is pop it on their phone and they’re good to go. They’re a nice way to add a pop of colour to your phone while making it handier.

Christmas Gifts for Your Wife 


Have you ever heard of CBD- Infused bath bombs? They’re cool Christmas gifts to give to your wife if she wants to relax after a stressful day at work. These unique bath bombs are scented with a combination of vanilla and lavender to help unwind after a long day (Only Available in the United States). Bonus:  For every purchase made, GivKind will donate to charities that support mental health.

Christmas Gifts for Him 

Christmas Gifts for Your Dad

Zippo hand warmer pocket lighter

Oftentimes, most people find that shopping for Christmas gifts for men can be difficult. Any dad would appreciate a bit of extra warmth during the cold winter months. A Zippo pocket hand warmer is a perfect stocking stuffer for men. It’s small, sleek, and does the job in keeping fingers warm; your dad will thank you for it!

Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend

The North Face Gloves

Does your boyfriend often complain about it being so cold outside on his runs? Gift him a pair of gloves to put in his stocking, he’ll definitely thank you for it since he can use his phone with these gloves. The best part? His phone won’t slip out of his either since they have silicone grip, so you’ll enable him to do his morning run worry-free.

Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

YETI Rambler Tumbler

Does your husband love to have his daily coffee in the morning? The Yeti Rambler is for those who want to keep their coffee hot for a very long time. He won’t have to worry about his coffee going cold if he’s working outside, as it’s double-wall insulated. Save him those coffee shop cups and let him drink his coffee at the office in style. His coworkers will be admiring his coffee rambler from afar.


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