DIY Thanksgiving sock turkey craft - Easy fall craft idea for kids!

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

It’s DIY no-sew time! You’re going to love crafting this little guy -- He’s the perfect DIY arts and crafts project for kids, and helps you make good use of those mismatched socks!

We chose to use a brown sock in the spirit of Thanksgiving, but you can use whatever colour you have on hand for a funkier DIY project.


Glue, Scissors and Rice seeds for Turkey craft

You’ll need:

  • 1 sock -- fuzzy or normal.
  • Coloured construction paper, felt, fall leaves, craft foam or craft feathers.
  • Googly eyes
  • A hot glue gun, or liquid white glue. 
  • Two rubber bands
  • Scissors
  • An orange pipe cleaner
  • Rice or beans




Thanksgiving Turkey DIY fall art craft for kids

 Step 1

Fill the bottom part of the sock with rice. 

We recommend using a funnel for this part -- this can get messy! This craft works with multiple types of sock, but if yours is thin, or fluffy, use two socks and place one inside the other. 

When most of the base of the sock is filled, tie the top with one rubber band, and use the other to form the head.




Thanksgiving Turkey DIY fall art craft for kids


Cut the excess off about three inches above the base, and fold it in around the head. If you’ve left enough room you should be able to tuck it underneath the rubber band that forms the head.




Thanksgiving Turkey DIY fall art craft for kids

 Step 2:

Cut leaf-like shapes from the construction paper or felt, and glue them together in a fan. Attach this to the back of your turkey. It will be easiest if you use a hot glue gun, but regular white glue should do the trick if you don’t have one on hand and can let the turkey dry overnight!




Thanksgiving Turkey DIY fall art craft for kids

Step 3:

Cut a small beak out of the felt and glue him to the Turkey’s face, along with some googly eyes. 

Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner into circles and curve them into a telephone shape. Position this on the bottom of your turkey and glue to form feet.




Thanksgiving Turkey DIY fall art craft for kids



Step 4 (Optional):

We cut the red top from our Christmas sock to give the Turkey craft a nice winter hat! Glue the edges together in the centre with a dollop of glue, and fold inside out.




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